Can you tell us a bit about your passions beyond “work”?

A life goal is to make my passions also my work but there are some things like surfing, music, hiking, and exploring the world that only sometimes turn into work. I am excited for them to overlap more.

Do you find that these passions blend, merge, or complement your work?

Absolutely, I am constantly being inspired by my surroundings, consciously and subconsciously. Being in nature and surfing also allows me to process that inspiration and recharge after work projects. A rested brain is more creative.

What are your materials and how do you think about them?

Some days I use cochineal, an insect that grows on prickly pear cacti. It’s used in a natural dying process and making oil paint. Other days, I also use my digital tablet or iPad. I think about how some materials are living and some materials are dead. Those that are made from the earth, its plants, and its insects. Those that are made from metal, glass, and plastic. All existing for a specific reason. My goal is to make them sit harmoniously next to e ach other.

Do you have any “heroes’’ to speak of? How are you inspired?

The heroes in my life are the people who: show up with a bottle of mezcal/tequila + tacos car mechanics people setting examples for authentic sustainability practices and procedures.

A key ingredient to building a sustainable future?

You can’t climb without lifting. Sustainable growth requires its surroundings to grow with it. Slow but steady, intentional, forward progression. Moving way too fast is a lot of people’s normal pace these days, it’s important to recalibrate to a healthy speed.

A book that shaped your life?

All of my therapist’s suggestions :-D

Favorite artist currently?

Mezcaleros y Mezcaleras - Mezcal is like a painting to me.

Most sublime moment in nature?

Climbing on top of a rock in Joshua Tree, it might be the only place I’ve found in nature where it can be absolutely silent. It’s the best place to meditate. Your inner voice has never sounded so loud.

What have been your biggest challenges?

Learning how to repair my self-esteem issues.

What do you do when you get out and away from the office/lab/kitchen?

I go up into the mountains for hiking and waterfall swims or I fly somewhere to surf. Landlocked in Oaxaca city at the moment therefore, mainland Mexico is the closest.

What other brands do you love?

@patagonia @acacia @blundstone

What keeps you going?

Having fun.

A personal style?

Pairing my Blundstones with large gold hoops! Jaja *not recommended for certain activities.